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I can give you a social life made up of

people like yourself.

I can give you activities for your children.

I can give you lasting friendships.

I can give you a family larger than can be


I can give you a feeling of belonging.

I can give you a security.

I can give you a chance to find yourself.

I can give you a feeling of helping by

joining a committee.

I can teach you leadership so that you can

help other lonely people.

I will give you what you give me.

Whatever you want you can obtain

through me.For I am PWP and I welcome you;

you are not alone any more.

Marilyn Meduik

Reprinted with permission


Jan-Feb, 1976

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(From St. Charles, MO 425)

I am a large multitude of people, joining

together to find a better way of life.

I understand when you ask, why me, why

has this happened to me?

I understand when you say, how can

I make it alone?

I understand when you wonder how will

my children adjust to this?

Will they be marred for life?

I understand all the loneliness this has

brought to your life.

I understand the bitterness you feel.

I understand the need you have, and you

dont know how to fulfill it.

I understand your confusion about what

to do and where to go.

I understand the hesitant scared feeling of

coming to PWP for the first time.

I understand these things because Ive

been there too, Ive had all these feelings.